Yardbird Suite engineering new ways to keep music alive during outbreak

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Got a little spare time on your hands?

A lot of people could be facing a lot of spare hours, and no one really knows for how long.

Just imagine how you might be spending that spare time a few months from now, if the COVID-19 pandemic continues to keep many of us largely confined to our homes. Once you’ve put in all the spring cleaning, home improvements, cooking experiments, hobby tinkering, home schooling and Netflix binges that you can handle what else is there to do for entertainment?

That question is also occupying a lot of minds right now, especially venue managers and arts organizations who saw their customers dry up when the authorities banned crowds of people just a couple of weeks ago.

For large-scale business ventures like the Winspear Centre or the Jubilee Auditorium any prolonged lack of business could mean laying off employees and, at worst, wondering where the money will come from to keep the utilities going. At the other end of the scale, there’s room to get creative.