Cats trapped in Edmonton sinkhole prompts firefighter rescue

Firefighters occasionally get called to rescue cats stuck in trees — but on Friday in Edmonton, they were instead called out to rescue not one, but two cats stuck in a deep sinkhole.

Shortly after 9 a.m., Edmonton firefighters responded to an animal rescue call at a home on 87 Avenue, near 69 Street, in the Kenilworth area.

The owners were away on vacation for a few weeks, and returned home late Thursday night.

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The situation was discovered Friday morning while the couple was doing spring yard cleaning. Rebecca Hung said she was walking around the house looking for wasps nests when she almost fell in the deep sinkhole along the side of their house.

She looked in and saw a very large cat, which appeared to be either pregnant or very sick.

Firefighters and Hung told Global News the hole appears to be about 10 feet deep, and four-by-two-feet wide.

Neighbours say the area used to be a mink farm and believe the hole is the result of an old well that caved in. Hung said the hole extends under their basement foundation.

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Hung said she swore in surprise and then called her husband over. He wanted to climb into hole but she said no.

The couple first called 311 and was told to call police. They then called police, who called in Edmonton Fire Rescue.

Firefighters arrived and upon closer inspection, realized there were actually two felines in the pit. Regular firefighters couldn’t get in to rescue the cats, so the technical rescue crew was called in.

Crews reinforced the sides of the hole with pieces of wood, supported by cross beams.

They then covered a plank with a blanket and lowered that into the hole in hopes the cats will climb it and come out on their own.

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With nothing left to do but wait, crews began packing up their tools at around 11:15 a.m.

So will the cats come back? Global News is on scene to see how it all plays out.

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