Senate committee recommends feds don’t proceed with tanker ban bill: Alberta senator

The Standing Senate Committee on Transport and Communications has recommended not to proceed with a controversial bill aimed at limiting tanker traffic along the B.C. coast, according to an Alberta senator.

Senator Doug Black tweeted Wednesday evening that the development was “a good day for Alberta and for Canada.”

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The federal Liberals’ Bill C-48, otherwise known as the Oil Tanker Moratorium Act, would ban tankers carrying more than 12,500 metric tonnes of crude or persistent oil from stopping or unloading along B.C.’s northern coast.

The bill has been fiercely opposed by Alberta politicians. Late last month, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney told the senate committee the bill represents a serious threat to the Alberta and Canada’s economic interests and that it should be dropped.

“We believe it must be scrapped,” Kenney said at the time.

Kenney also threatened to launch a constitutional challenge against the legislation if it moves forward.

Kenney and his predecessor, former premier Rachel Notley, have argued Bill C-48 presents a threat to Alberta’s ability to get its oil to markets outside the U.S.

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Watch below: (From April 2019) One of Jason Kenney’s first tasks as Alberta premier was to threaten a constitutional fight with Ottawa over the proposed tanker ban. Fletcher Kent has more.

The legislation passed in the House of Commons last spring but had not been passed by the Senate, which is still debating it.

Several B.C. First Nations leaders have said if the bill is not approved, their sensitive marine-based economies could be at risk.

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–With files from The Canadian Press’ Colette Derworiz